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Multiman and Sadis.

By Element - MEMBER - December 07, 2013, 11:37:41

I haven't been on in a while due to complications and the overall XP system being to hard for me.. but I am being enticed to re-subscribe to Wakfu due to Multiman. Which ones would be best with a Earth Sadi? I know it's personal preference and all but I was thinking would it not be better to get Multiman which are your weakness so you don't fall short in that area?

Thanks, Ele.
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Trank can tank with lock and heal himself while damaging. He can pull enemies off you and his sacrifice means that you only need to cast shield on him. Good if you’re earth or earth hybrid, even though you both use the same element. You might be a slow damaging duo though.

Skale seems most promising for sadidas. His passive doesn’t rely on additional members, which makes it strongest in a duo. He can give you 2 ap, which increases your combo choices (2x Multibramble if you start with 10 ap, for instance), he can remove debuffs and boost your damage by 100% total. And he can remove opponents lock, so you can walk away and deal full damage.

Rest look like plain damage dealers (except from Luminos heal and res).

Korbax looks like a mix of air sac/air sadida. Maybe bad choice for sadidas since we already have 2 air spells for moving targets.

I haven’t tested them in beta, so I’m not entirely sure how good they are. I’m planning to get Skale though.
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Owaaaar, Skale does sound good. I am a Pure Earth Sadi though it tempts me to change allot since they need to be buffed!! I was also thinking about getting the 6 months to get Lumino so I have heals when I need them. I didn't know that Skale could do that but now I will look more into this. Thankyou for the reply it has helped me allot ^^
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Seems to me that all multimen support. Being that my earth sadi is already support I dont want another support toon.

In fact I have ALL support toons. I think i will just make a new account with a xelor on it, atleast they're op. Shadow seems a dpt option though.

Personally if i do get one it will be months from now, once the bugs are secured.
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These are 3 multimen that may help Sadida.

-this one itself is dmg dealer, the sadida can further more reduce enemy's resistance to make this multimen deal awsome damages. It can also push enemies several cells away or it can pull them towards for example blocker or fire doll (seed). It can also reposition dolls by swaping places or push them closer to enemies. Its amazing that it can be dmg dealer and so great at supporting in same time. Something that Sadida itself lack badly. Souitch is something that is needed for a spell like Gust to work in opposite way. I wish Sadida could also pull enemies towards doll instead of just pushing them away, but without the ability Souitch it will require some other spells to be modified. Meanwhile Krobax got nice design here. It seems awkward to me that it look like masqueraider in game, not like owl- or crow-man.

2. Trank - with its ability to absorb all dmg from target and huge hp bonus and with sadida's spells that work better on allies rather then self, Sadida can cast voodoll on Trank and use Mudoll on it for effective heal, while trank will take all the dmg Sadida would receive otherwise. Thats pretty nice tanking combo. Sadida can also apply brambly armor to either self or trank to increase its already nice bulk. Trank's ability to increase own lock and pull enmemies toward self might help dolls to deal their dmg, while tank will be propably AI's target of attacks, wich will make dolls alive. Trank, unlike dolls, can be effective target to use bramble shield on - just like any ally that can tank. Unlike sacrier it won't loose HP when ally die but get as much HP as sacrier (though its at level 200).

3.Skale - his ability to make target unable to be locked in target turn may be more effective then pushing or pulling spells of krobax or trank, though its situational. Still i can attack through allies - wich means through dolls too - that is itself pretty good ability as dolls often block los for allies, but not for Skale! Giving 2AP to dolls might be not good idea but giving 2 ap to sadida would allow 10 ap build to be 12 ap build (at cost of Skale's 2 ap from turn). Increasing dmg% passively to allies can also help Sadida and i haven;t tested it but it might boost dolls dmg too (wich would mean dolls would get 2x more dmg bonus as they also have sadida mastery) - if it work that way then Skale might be the best option for summoner Sadida.

Other multimen doesnt seem special at all. Lumino just heal and that builds up heal ressit so its better to use own healing spells or make brambly armor. Shadow is like iop so unless you need an iop-like ally don't choose it. Beezlebug is like fire cra and it seems it can do fine on its own. It can crit bonus instead of dmg% bonus like Krobax wich make it less reliable but it have nice aoe's - this is a problem though as the aoe's might kill dolls and we don't want that. Beezlebug is simply not doll-friendly. You may use it in frigost to reduce those frozen armors - that would help for sure as your only source of fire dmg is fire doll wich just cost too much to summon, bu tother then that i don't see a reason to pick beezlebug. He might work though with earth sadida (lone sadi build) that just spam armor on self, while beezlebug kite from distance enemies surrounding sadida.
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Multimen made me decide to come back to the game as well. I ended up just rerolling a new character so that I could level them up with me.

I decided to get the Krobax/Skale combo. They both bring a lot of utility, as well as being able to toss out some pretty good damage. Krobax gives you a TON of map control with his spam skills. Allows you to push or pull people all over the map. Skale gives you the ability to cleanse your members as well as doing damage, giving AP, and damage boost.

I am planning on running an Air/Earth Sadi. That is probably going to change as I continue to level, but I like being able to do damage as well as shield multimen when needed.
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Im a pure earth Sadida also, and the monsters seem to focus the sidekicks so much that I wouldn't get a defensive one (except maybe Lumino)

I would choose Shadow, and I would pair him with Astrub knight. Astrub knight does a lot of single target damage, and Shadow can do AOE.

With this pair you could stand back and do damage, while killing monsters faster and it is also good if you are doing dungeon runs solo or in a group of 1-2 more people.

Great for PVE Solo
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