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New Sadida Ideas

By archedruid October 23, 2013, 21:14:51

Hi Guys,

I just want to share some ideas I have for the Sadida Class that will probably never be implemented but it's always worth the feedback and the shot of actually getting something to work/happen wink

From the news today Dolls will be human controlled, I find one of the niggling issues with Sadida Dolls is that they are very weak.

To work around this, plus the annoyance of needing many Dolls to make up the damage and healing and also the time it takes to manage Dolls per round is to have:

Dolls that can combine!

So basically you can up their damage and give them extra skills and AP and MP by combining two Dolls. (Ok I am dreaming yeah, but let me dream for like 5 mins before you flame me tongue).


  • Two Water Greedies will become a big greedy, same for all double element Dolls and so they gain their element damage and AP and MP, Blockers will gain more resist and range.
  • A Water Doll and Earth Doll will make Mushroom Dolls which provide ranged water damage that gives/removes status affect to those next to them.
  • Air and Water Doll will spawn Cloudies that can heal and grant AP/MP randomly.
  • Air and Earth will spawn Stenchers that have an AOE damage aura and can also suck targets in to tank.
  • Fire Dolls I don't think is good to combine with other elements so I have left that out tongue
It would be so fun and also combat some of the heavy resist mobs that plague us!
Also I keep getting complaints my turns take too long... Can you imagine lag and having 6 Dolls you control MANUALLY and the lag stops you from actually moving any of them?!

Currently I love/hate Doll AI, when the game lags and I cannot move at least my Dolls can attack. If they are all human controlled I will go into a rage if my game bugs out for 6 rounds.... sleep

Anyways thanks for reading this far smile

Best regards to All
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