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Cannot see damage numbers pop up

By lolazosssss#5576 - MEMBER - April 08, 2023, 22:39:29
Whenever I deal damage I have no way of seeing how much I've actually done unless I look for it in the chat.
This happens on any of my characters at the moment. The server I'm playing on is Rubilax
I am running Windows 11 and have already tried Reparing/reinstalling the game plus different display options
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Same here, just logged in the game after a while out to check the new area and i cant see my damage numbers, they only appear very rarely, i thought it might be an option at first but now im sure its a bug.
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Same here, some effect icons are showing as a blank square box, and the damages are only appearing on the chat, already tried repairing and reinstalling the game.


Solved by changing the combat visualization.
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This issue is due to AMD Driver. Players with a AMD GPU can encounter a disappearance of damage and blank box for state (and maybe others display issues) in Tactical and semi-Tactical view.

We're waiting on an AMD fix which should come probably this July.
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That explains it... I thought it was just some poor decision to hide them in tactical modes
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