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[SOLVED] Wakfu on Arch Linux 64

By August 12, 2011, 14:10:21
After installing a bunch of 32 libs on my x64 Arch Linux system I finally got the Launcher to run and update the game.

Now after I press the play button the splash screen shows up and then I get the error: Unable to select one of the provided GLCapabilities

I'm using the proprietary nvidia drivers and oracle's java 1.7

Please help!

EDIT: Finally got it working! I will try to recollect all necessary steps for further reference:

Following steps for a x64 Arch system with proprietary nvidia driver:
  • install jre and jdk (don't know if openjdk works too)
  • u need to activate multilib repos for pacman
  • Downloaded
  • ran ./ as non-root user
  • to get the UpLauncher working I needed a bunch of 32 libs which I achieved through the next step
  • installed wine to get most of the libs, then installed lib32-libpng12 and lib32-openssl-compatibility from AUR
  • navigated to the wakfu directory in the terminal and run it by ./UpLauncher
  • I had the poblem that the UpLauncher hang between the patches so took a look at the log tab everytime and restarted the launcher between the patches if it hangs
Now the game should be (almost) ready to run
  • uninstall lib32-libgl (lib32-mesa) and all dependencies
  • Then install lib32-nvidia-utils and lib32-libxxf86vm
  • To get sound working I needed lib32-libcanberra, lib32-libcanberra-pulse (coz I use PulseAudio) and lib32-alsa-plugins

I might've missed something but that should cover the most important steps.
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