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OMFG the lag!

By revsky69 February 10, 2013, 06:35:33
anyone else experiencing these annoying lags? in the middle of a fight I lag so hard. then disconnects, if i lucky im able to reconnect. WTH please fix
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I am also experiencing some rather horrific issues. My internet appears to be fine, I can browse, download, watch videos all fine. But Wakfu is just horrible! My ping goes all the way up to 50,000+ sometimes!! I can move through the game but I can tell it's not working because nothing around me loads. It's really weird I have never had any issues with the connections other than disconnecting (but that's my own internet's fault it likes to cut out sometimes) A normal ping for me is 331, that's 'stable' but sometimes it will lag so hard that I wait for 2 minutes, then finally the game comes back and I get all the chat back at once and after spamming /ping while it wasn't loading I get recordings of 20,000 and 30,000 sad 
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revsky69|2013-02-10 06:35:33
anyone else experiencing these annoying lags? in the middle of a fight I lag so hard. then disconnects, if i lucky im able to reconnect. WTH please fix

Hi how long was you continuously playing for?

The Wakfu client uses more RAM (memory) the longer it is running . I often re-log every 4 hours or so to make sure I experience less lag. If possible use a wired internet connection I am afraid that's it for my tips on how get the gaming running a little smoother.
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5 mins . just logged to the game this morning. and ding! DC as soon as I get to 5th. Ping is perfectly fine. dunno whats happening. this doesnt occur to me 2 weeks ago
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I've been having lag issues for around a week now.
Before that, the game ran smoothly with almost no lags.

I use a wireless connection, with max signal strength, and no configurations were made in the last 3 months, at least.
My connection is fine, I can navigate, download stuff at full speed, whatever.
But in game it starts lagging almost immediately.

When joining fights, sometimes I can't pick my position, and when I regain control the fight is already under way.
During fights it takes some seconds to do anything, from moving to attacking to summoning, and sometimes the turn ends without me being able to finish my combos.
Sometimes, during fights, everything just stands idling, then suddenly the action unfolds without hesitations, with none of those pauses to think the next action.
Also, when harvesting/planting crops in my haven bag, sometimes it takes some seconds to begin any planting/harvesting/reaping.

Despite all this, the connection seems stable enough to keep it from disconnecting.
No amount of computer/modem/router reboots and/or game restarts/relogs fixes the lag.

Doing speedtests to Roubaix servers (where I suspect the game is hosted) returns connection speeds close to what my ISP provides, but pings ranging from ~40ms to almost 400ms.
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I am too facing a lot of lags during fights today. My internet connection is not an issue i can stream videos without lags.

Seems like issue with wakfu servers. is anyone else facing the same issue?
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After more than 6 hours with no issues (surprisingly), I decided to restart the client, because I've been changing characters and traveling across the world during that time ... just to be on the safe.
Once I returned to the game, there it is again ... the lag.

Doing ping checks every second or so, standing idle in the world, it returns 50~60ms most of the time, with random spikes of 3000+ms every now and then.
During fights it goes as high as ~15000ms.
The max it got today was ~68000ms.
Restarting the client multiple times proved to be ineffective.
Usual internet usage (downloading, streaming, etc) runs as it should, no problems there.

Are the devs looking into this, or are they too busy with the upcoming updates?
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I'm having the exact same issue as you KamOlaz. It was almost impossible to play last week, my wakfu ping going incredibly high yet my internet connection is fine and I can do everything else fine! Then it went away for a little while, but again the issue has sprung up for me.

I'm from New Zealand by the way if that helps anyone with anything at all o-o A friend said if my internet connection is fine it must be the wakfu server having issues connecting to my IP or something or rather... I don't know what that means or whatever, but the problem isn't me/my computer/my internet!
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And I'm from Portugal (a lot closer to Ankama HQ than you Pyralless).
I think the servers need to be rebooted soon.

Logged in this morning, around 9am~10am GMT+0, and there was little to no lag.
Logged off at around 13am GMT+0, no problems to report.
Logged in again at around 4pm~5pm GMT+0, there was some lag, but still manageable.
After 7pm GMT+0 up until now, 11pm GMT+0, it was almost unbearable.

I was at Whispers with my guildies and buddies for the last 2 hours at least, and we all felt the painful sting of these lags.
A week ago they didn't bother, it was not affecting them.
Now that they felt it, they know the frustration.
Some of them have high-speed optic fiber connections, and are already struggling.

The issue is spreading.
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Yes it is also really random for me too, one hour perfectly fine, the next absolutely unplayable.
Maybe if you get your friends to comment too, if ankama sees that more people are getting the issue they actually might do something about it.

It's like a virus!
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Add me to the list (I'm on Nox). It's virtually unplayable in its current state. Left Wakfu for about a year due to the disgusting amount of issues and obvious incompetence of Ankama and when I come back to check out Masqueraiders, I come back to this. Sigh...this game...
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Thanks for the tip aabout logging out yourself once in a while to stop from a unexpected DC. I will try that when the game is back up. But this is really not on.
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Resurrecting this thread to show this:

My first 2 turns in that fight were lost, now imagine it happening at an UB run (which was scheduled to happen tonight, but some key players not showing up canceled it).

I changed from a wireless connection to a wired one (using an FTP cat. 5E cable, the ones that have metal plating on the connectors).
The lags are a bit less frequent, I guess the wireless was getting some signal loss, but even so it's still frustrating having 5~6 digit pings.
Still at the same hours, starts around 5~6pm GMT+0.

Double posting for this crap again.
Dark Hurl dungeon, restarted the client just before entering it.
Playing with my PP enu, this happened in the second room.

This time I turned off my router and connected directly to the modem.
It's not a graphical lag, the idle animations run smoothly.

While the connection was not responding, I decided to come read the forums for a while, no problem there.

When the connection "resurrected", the fight went fast forward, I took the chance to take this screenshot and upload it while I waited for my turn.

The next room was like this:

Well, I managed to survive the whole dungeon, the boss fight went surprisingly smooth, didn't get a chance to pouch the boss.

I did get a Tauxik Hammer though, almost makes up for the lags.
Already promised to a guildmate, sorry.
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I am getting this problem as well, lagging so much the MS is about 200,000 out of a blue, the graphics run smoothly but the net in the game is horrible, I quickly go onto the internet to see if it is my modem but it not, I can search sites very quickly without having it to reload, but the game is constantly lagging, whats up Ankama?
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I am also having the same issue! I play on remington and have been taking breaks here and there because of this lag I cant play at all.. I get 200,000 ping on a daily basis.. I am in the UK my internet dl speed ranges from 7-10 mbps even when i test it with the game open and running.

I just went on wakfu asia and had a stable 300 ping with no spikes or lag at all.. that server is on the other side of the world and I have a better connection then the EU server..

Might I also add that it is as soon as I log in most times. I have a freaking gaming rig and it cant even run wakfu properly. This isnt an issue with my net from what I can see. Also for an added kick to the teeth I come back after these breaks and experience no lag for maybe a day or two when i havnt played for atleast 3 months or so and then I think its fixed I put more money into the game and... BAM Lag is back rendering the game unplayable and my subscription time + money wasted..
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