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server died?

By omgitspanzer February 01, 2013, 18:53:04
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[blockquote][blockquote][code][/code][code]My IP Address:[/code][code]Host of my IP:[/code][code]Organization: More Folkehogskule[/code][code]ISP: StayOn AS[/code][code]Netspeed: Cable/DSL[/code][code]City: -[/code][code]Country: Norway[/code][code]State: -[/code][code]Timezone: -[/code][code]Local Time: -[/code][code]Proxy: No Proxy Detected[/code][code]Operating System: unknown[/code][code]Browser: Default Browser 0[/code] [/blockquote][/blockquote]
My IP Address:
Host of my IP:-
Organization:Golden Lines Cable
ISP:Golden Lines Cable
Proxy:No Proxy Detected

My problem went exactly like that:
Reinheart|2013-02-04 11:03:16PS: it was 2 day ago, I can't log in to Remington server but I can log in to Dathura. After I write my id and password and click it says : "Disconnected from the server (the server is not responding)"

Except that now I can log in but I can do things normally just for a few seconds, and then everything freezes or just really slow.
Edit: It wasn't letting me log in at all for some time now. I couldn't really PLAY before but now it's just gives me the never ending loading screen when I try to log in.
Troyle|2013-02-04 10:34:03Hi there,

We're currently looking into this issue.

To those of you still experiencing it, could you please give me as much information as possible concerning your internet connection (country, provider, Wifi/3G, etc.), and the issue itself (when did it start, what error message, when exactly do you receive it)?
Awesome, thanks

My IP Address: Unknown; I'm on my University's internet
Host of my IP: -
Netspeed: Ethernet
City: Glasgow
Country: United Kingdom
Timezone: GMT
Local Time:
Operating System: Mac OSX 10.8.2
Browser: Safari

However, I went to a relative's house on the 2nd-3rd and could connect fine - can't connect at Uni
Started on the 1st Feb
Can't connect at all, just get this;

I'm having an interesting problem, i can´t login to remington server, but i can login on other servers, but i can login on remington on my alt account. really dont know if there is a problem with my account or not.
Let's hope our problems fixed after today maintenance :'(
same here =/
Experience the same problem with downloading games via server Remington T_T

My IP Address:
City: Moscow
Country: Russian Federation
State: Moscow City
Timezone: Europe/Moscow
Proxy: No Proxy Detected
Browser: Default Browser 0
We will deploy a fix today: Click here

Please let me know after the maintenance, should you still experience this issue.

Mines wokin fine now thanks troyle and co ^^

no more proxy lag free again :3

yay it works smile thx toryle & co
Ahh it works now. Good job fixing it


it working fine thank you biggrin 
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