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A game file cannot be accessed

By August 19, 2012, 21:34:20

I've downloaded, uninstalled and redownloaded the wakfu downloading client thing multiple times, and each time it tells me a game file cannot be accessed. Sometimes they're even different files so I have no idea why it keeps happening.

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try deleting the temp files that get saved when u update / install
im running a mac atm so i cant tell u exactly were theyre found on a windows computer but i think they should be in program files , if u delete the whole folder(wakfu) normally u should be good u will need to re-download the game after so it can re-create this folder IMO its corrupted data ( not as in malicious software or anything )
leme know if this helps

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I'm experiencing the same problem and have uninstalled it and installed it again too...

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I did try that, it still wont load

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Same thing keeps happening to me and I'm running on Windows 7.

I've uninstalled, redownloaded the installation file and reinstalled... The file that can't be accessed changes half the time as well. I'm even using a registry fix to cleanup after I've uninstalled... and nothing works.

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I am Windows 7 as well....and yes i tried everything imaginable....nada....lets hope they fix the updater in next Mon, Maitenace

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