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wakfu updating problem

By Sawper#2494 February 14, 2012, 20:31:23
when run wakfu updater,a ribbon appear and after reaching 100% say that :
wakfu has to be ok...
but nothing happen after time is same also.
what must i do?
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Same problem here.
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Facing the same problem as well, was still fine yesterday.
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problem solved by reinstall (uninstall,dl the online updater,install it and install the wakfu-700m i think),
but now cant connect to the server !
how we can find that when the server is online & when is not ?
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Tried your method Sawper, still doesn't work from my end (gives me the same warning then does nothing :/)

Hope this gets fixed when the servers are on.
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Same here. I really don't want to download whole Wakfu again, my Internet speed isn't the best.

@edit I think, I just solved it. Open "UpLauncher" file in game folder. This one actually works, at least my game is being updated right now.
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I've found the solution!! go to your wakfu folder and delete the logs folder... after which, run the updater again and it should work...
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