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Steam Account -- Twitch Drops -- Unable to login

By N3tRunn3r#9401 - MEMBER - December 31, 2022, 13:35:15
Hello there,

I try to link my Twitch Account with Wakfu without a success, as my Steam Account is my main Wakfu Account. It is not possible to link it! Whenever I try to link it, Ankama asks me to login with my "non-Steam" credentials. There is no option to login with the Steam API.

Twitch sucks already for many months, as Twitch always forgets my alias and password, so I have to reset my password "every time" whenever I want to login to Twitch. Their support cannot help as they send out these standard templates as emails. And now this additional hassle to not being able to link my Wakfu Steam-Account with Twitch.

Is there any possibility to gain these Twitch drops for my Steam Account?

I am also not able to enter "Account Management" ( here on Ankama, as it asks for these same non-Steam credentials.

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