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UI is Buggy

By Thebestonealive#3234 - MEMBER - November 24, 2022, 05:21:30

I don't know how to word this, but is there a good reason why my UI is transparent on the left side and the opposite on the right side? 

Same issue with Beta. Weird.

Ankama please fix. I'm an integrated AMD Ryzen 5000 Series user.

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AMD published an update for their Graphic Card driver, and it is buggy with some OpenGL applications, including Wakfu.
You should use the 22.5 version of the driver, you can find it on AMD support website or maybe by using the "Rollback driver" option.

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Thank you for the reply, however my "Rollback Driver" option is grayed out :/. Looks like I can't play until AMD fixes this. It is great to know it isn't an Ankama-side issue.

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