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Solution for UI problem, missing character names [Fixed] ( For windows and Amd graphics card users only)

By zapman89#6280 - MEMBER - November 23, 2022, 20:43:21

The common problem for most RX / RX500 series users of AMD graphics card after the radeon driver update of 22.11.1 is that, when we turn on Wakfu client, it has few missing UI options and missing character names. Here is the fix for you all :-

1. Press Windows key + S, on the tab opened, type "Change Device Installation Settings" and click on the mentioned settings. There after an option box will pop up asking :-
"Do you want to automatically download manufacturers' apps and custom icons available for your devices ? "

Click on "No(device might....)"

2. Now right click on "My PC" and then click on properties > Device manager > Display adapters > Radeon RX500 / "Or your AMD graphics name here" > Right click > Properties > Driver >  click on "Roll back driver" option. 

3. Now after the roll back is performed, restart your PC and enjoy Wakfu.

Thank You

Note : Version 22.5.1for Radeon is the most stable driver as of now and can be used to play Wakfu flawlessly. 

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I will try this out later, I am using an AMD graphics card, but I'm not an RTX user; it's integrated so I'll see if it works.

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I tried but it didn't work for me =/

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