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Sidekick activation bug

By Anndraxsus#9026 - MEMBER - September 14, 2021, 12:52:19

Hello. Almost three weeks ago(at this point) I've issued a bug with sidekick activation.

I've bought the item from market, used it to activate sk, but instead sidekick(lumino) didn't activate and item just dissapeared.

I've filled a ticket to support, two days after ,when they replied i've send them launcher bug report, then few more days after they've said they'll investigate it and went silent.

Week and a half after i wrote them again and respond i've got was: 

To have access to your sidekick lumino, you  must have an active booster (Wakfu subscription)

Which is either a blatant lie or person who responds has no idea how sidekicks work.

At this point i don't expect them to help, just kind of hope mods here would be more willing to

Ticked number is #2895090

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It's probably a dumb question, but lumino doesn't appear when you press K ?

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it will just be greyed out if its not time for the rotation. just like if you don't have the sk yet. other sk if you have will still be visible and useable like normal

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happened to me too, you probably won't get any compensation if you dont buy it with ogrines. best give it up and move on. spending weeks fixated on the ticket wont help since it wont get resolved.


Anndraxsus#9026|2021-09-21 16:58:55
On this forum i've found some1 repoting same stuff 6 years ago. It's mind-boggling how bug with item from cash-shop is just being ignored for years.

forum link

took 2 months for me to get answer actually. and yea, nothing gonna be done about it

Anndraxsus#9026|2021-09-21 16:38:33
It doesn't, that's exactly the problem. After i used sk item it dissapeared without unlocking lumino.

yup. same as what happened to me
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Oh that's... that's.

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