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Advice how to restore accounts?

By Yuuseki#4629 - MEMBER - June 16, 2021, 21:47:38

I played back in 2016 on multiple accounts, I could retrieve 3 of them, but I'm unable to login into the last 2. Unfortunately I forgot the account names and the nicknames. Luckily I added all my accounts to the friend list ingame though, here's a screenshot from one of the 3 accounts that I was able to restore:
I then used the friend search to look the accounts up, but to no avail, no results. Which is strange, isn't it? Shouldn't the accounts come up in the search? Does that mean they were deleted or something?
I also tried using the "I don't know my password" and "I don't know my account name" options on the "Can't log in?" page by guessing my own data, but also no luck.
So I wanna ask if anyone maybe has any ideas what else I could do?

Here are links to the profiles of the accounts I got back: (created through Steam)
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Hi Yuuseki#4629,

The Support team can help you retrieve your two remaining accounts. Try to remember their details to help in the search. You can contact them here. Best of luck!

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