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RSS feed is broken by DDOS protection since a few days

By gobberwart#2465 - MEMBER - June 04, 2021, 22:01:53

DDOS protection by cloudflare is ruining rss feeds. RSS is xml based and RSS-Clients usually can't handle the javascript challenge that cloudflare uses for its ddos protection. This is not critical and not as important as general server security but RSS feeds are a very convenient way to stay updated.

When did you start to use cloudflare as a CDN? The DDOS wall and the resulting problem with the RSS feed started just a few days ago.

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Are you sure this is a problem that started only a few days ago?
Someone already reported in January that the feed is broken.

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I don't know for certain when it started exactly. I've noticed it recently. I strongly believe that it worked until two or three weeks ago but I'm not absolutely sure to be honest.

I've noticed form other sites that use cloudflare for content delivery that it seems they're not permanently using the ddos challenge. Maybe just when they suspect an ongoing threat?
this is posted on June 10th:
There is still a ddos browser challenge for but the challenge for has been removed. Without that challenge the RSS-feed is working perfectly fine again. Thanks for that.

(seriously, I will never get used to the fact that you concatenate posts - urgh)

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Is this really working? RSS generators are unable to read Wakfu for me.

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