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[Solved][ArchLinux] Screeen Tearing in game

By Airaxx#6231 - MEMBER - May 09, 2021, 17:34:45

When I move in the game there is a horizontal screen tearing effect, but if the character is stationary the screen tearing effect disappears.  The game is launched with Ankama's version of JRE, or at least is what I understand reading Some advice?

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This might require more insight.
Could be any thing from Not meeting minimum system requirements to the graphics driver being touchy.
Can you list down your system specs so that some more detailed digging in can be done?
Could also be missing dependencies.
Some links which might be able to help sort it out (Not entirely sure)

Nice to know that you have resolved it,
Hopefully your reply will help out any one else who might have the same issue and comes around this post.

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I finally managed to fix the problem by messing up the picom config file and adding the --experimental-backends argument in the autostart script. For now it seems to be working. In addition, the guide on the forum is a bit old and no longer usable.

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