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Blurry text when using 4k Resolution

By Mojomon#5574 - MEMBER - May 09, 2021, 15:45:41

Hi all!

Are there any fixes for this? I couldn't find anything on the forums and there's no way to interact with the Wakfu.exe since it runs directly from the launcher.

Please help!

Thanks smile

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Looking up from an older post :

Seems like you can run the game on full screen window mode and the texts should appear sharper than the real full screen mode.
There is the interface size scaling settings as well in game.
Which you can check out to see if that helps out with your case now>

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Yeah I've tried adjusting that, it doesn't really do much. I think maybe playing in windowed mode is the only way... Seems like a shame. 

Thanks for the tip though, I guess I'll just have to kill my eyes when I play lol.

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