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Why is "free killing" on battlegrounds allowed?

By Markzs#9189 - MEMBER - September 14, 2020, 03:37:03

Not a single report has stopped some players to login on a secondary account to kill themselves and gather points on a given battleground.
While this was a "whatever" fact on Free-For-All mode, players are yet using this strategy on 20x20 Escort battlegrounds just because they can't win by normal ways.
This kind of exploitation has been ruining PvP since their rework which should have fixed the same kind of behavior of farming obs and merit - except now it's also used to conquer territories.
It's pretty sad to see several players trying to make PvP work on Wakfu while this feature is always  being neglected by Ankama's management.
I'm not even sure if server's merge will solve this and other problems, such as vase bugging on Flower cb.

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Don't the battlefields work in a way you cn only enter one from the same IP?

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Most of the times a player don't need to login on both accounts, they can just ask a friend or a guildie to be the killer.

Why this have been moved to Technical Issues? Unless this topic have created some kind of task to the Product Manager pool or Development pool, I'll guess that moderators are trying to blur this kind of problema from the general public.
Would be nice to have a clear answer from someone

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What's the difference between someone who feed and newbie who joined to...die(???)? Because that's the only thing newbies can do without gear
how can you fix that?

There are not that much feeders as you think, really

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The problem is not feeders (people who die constantly because the lack of skill) or newbies (new players), but people who give free points on purpose by using a secondary character to be aggroed by friends, pressing delete, joining the battleground again and repeating this action on loop.

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so, how do you think it can be fixed? what kind of algorithm can fix it?

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First of all, Ankama has moved this topic to Technical Issues, so it's them who think that an algorithm can fix this issue.
I believe that reporting and warning is the best approach for this case, since most cheaters are actually using their main accounts to do so and even when they use a secondary account, they'll need to level their characters to do their anti-fun strategy on higher level battlegrounds.
People are using this free killing technique on 200 and 215 battlegrounds because they know they are unpunished

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