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IN GAME DELAY: high ping spike/unstable ping

By failette - MEMBER - September 11, 2020, 14:48:35

So lately me and my friends have been having the same problem, although not at the same instance. Occasionally we experience unstable pings that persists for a couple of hours, and sometimes for up to a whole day. It affects the gameplay so much that it makes harvesting difficult, and fighting near impossible. 

We have already ruled out the ISP factor because all other internet related activities we do outside the game is going smoothly. Today has been especially bad because it has been going for the whole day now. It might go away tomorrow but still, I'm sure it will come back. I hope this doesn't get downplayed and thrown into another dead thread where all replies are just swept under the rug. Cheers

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Ping issues are often client side, there can be multiple factors associated with that as well.
Unless the lag spikes where felt across the server during which you experienced you can rule out there being issue on the server side.

You can only notice ping related slowdown's in games mostly. Other internet activities like browsing does not have any way to let you know that there is something wrong with the ping. (it is not really easy to notice the difference if a webpage take 3 more seconds to load.)

I doubt it could be something downloading things in the background. Either an Antivirus software update or it could just be windows updates downloading in the background if you are on windows. You can track network activity in the taskmanager upto an extend and figure out what if any thing is hogging up your bandwidth while you play as well.

Here is some old info to look into :

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Thanks for the insight, the problem came back today. Same issue. The abnormal ping persists for HOURS. My internet speed is decent, I don't think windows update download or antivirus updates would take 12 hours, that's like 120gb of download in full speed..

UPDATE September 18

Hi I'm back and of course with the same problem hundreds of people wishes to solve. Ping is still horrible, I'm guessing this will go on for another 8 hours or so. I keep on getting disconnected now. Internet is fine. Windows update isn't everyday right? I have nothing on background. This is the 7th day since I started this thread my goodness.

This is the ping while on standby 

for two solid minutes I was stuck at "ready"

Sent a ping while stuck, 127,000 ms

 Gave up on the dungeon run and recalled to Astrub. Things took a minute before coming out. Sent a ping halfway and got 44,000 ms when it finally loaded.

Network activity at task manager is 0 at upload and download at standby during these screenshots, never reached 100kbps. There's nothing downloading on other mobile devices as well because I tell you, whenever I experience this problem, it persists for almost half a day. Nothing downloads for half a day with my internet speed.
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