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(Duplicate) Infinite Connecting

By prozin97 - MEMBER - July 09, 2020, 21:40:33

moon,Kelba ,shushu this are the place where after visiting in wakfu black screen then after log off can't able to connect to the server . just infinite connecting after selecting server never reach selecting char.. option.
but we can log in to other server like nox and pharsea..

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Tested it myself, it is true.
If you go to those places (or already logged off before), you will get a black screen and be forced to reconnect. Once you do you won't be able to join the server anymore until the devs fix it. You can however still play on the other servers.

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2GB of storage wasted not only this update sucked 66-80% of my comp memory and giving out more bugs ​​(っ=﹏=c) 

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Probably yesterday i left my chars in kelba, since today after a tiring day of work i can't even login...

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+1 <_<sadsadsadsadsadsadsad

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Goddammit, I didn’t read this before I went to kelba to check market. Now I have infinite lag on 2 accounts. My day is ruined. Rip
1st hot fix: some bugs remain, mostly visual.
2nd hotfix: infinite log in
i hope third hot fix fixes it, otherwise oooof

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gaving same issue, but i was in haven world!

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for the reports. We have notified the team regarding the issue.

We will be closing this thread since it is a duplicate of this thread.