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Perma-ban for "fradulent activity"

By Arachive - MEMBER - July 04, 2020, 18:06:53

I'm from Hong Kong and because none of the payment options for buying ogrines worked for me, I asked a friend in Thailand to help me buy Ogrines using my ankama account which resulted in a permanent ban. I received a warning email that told me I had 7 days to prove that the ban was an error.

While I'm trying to get ankama support to "investigate" the matter (what is there to investigate if I explained the whole thing to them and a simple IP check can show that its true? Why do they need my personal ID if it's our credit card accounts that's handling the transaction?), threads like these make me terrified that something will happen to my account in the meantime, resulting not only the loss of stuff I've worked hard for and my online friends have so kindly shared with me, but also stuff I actually paid for with real money.

Is there some way to be assured that accounts that are perma-banned for more than 7 days are just frozen in stasis rather than deleted while their investigations are pending? I have tried to obtain such reassurance that they won't wipe the account in the meantime but all I'm getting is

"We have received your request.
Your request will require us to investigate further, which is the reason for the longer delay.For now, there is no point in resending your message. We will contact you again once we have more information for you."

which is so blanketly robotic and inhuman that they might as well have kept radio silent. 

I sincerely hope either people will similar experience can provide some reassurance that their issues were indeed resolved eventually, or at least a mod might look into this thread and help expedite the process.

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Hello Arachive,

I would like to point out that,
Any grievances about matters involving payment and transactions are handled by the support team.
You will receive confirmation about the condition of your account once support looks into it.

It is generally not allowed to give your credentials to some one else to make purchases on behalf of you.
This restriction is there to ensure the safety of your account. You can read about the game rules here
And also to read about fraudulent transactions, you can refer to General Conditions of Sale

p.s : Support will provide proper solution to your concern.

Thank you ^^
Your cheerful wodent of the forum,