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Why was I banned.

By Bloodrose232 - MEMBER - June 27, 2020, 10:11:23

I play alot of wakfu, and love the game for all of its appeal and charm, I dont however appreciate logging in one day just to see that my account was banned out of the blue for a whole month, no warning or anything, just a thirty day suspension, If any staff could reach out to me and let me know what the hell im being punished for that would be swell because I dont remember doing anything bad.

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Aparently there was a kama dupe glitch and people copied a lot of money, so I'm guessing someone traded you some of the fake kamas and they just banned everyone who they suspect of cheating.
The staff will probably unban you when they get to your case, since there's probably a ton of them.

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Well, I hope the duped Kamas are removed once the "innocent" accounts are un-banned.

If nothing is done, it'll seriously ruin the player controlled economy once merge is here.

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The same fact happened to me, i played wakfu for 4 years and took a break of 3 year to study/work reasons, i'm just back 3 weeks ago and exp. a lot to reach lv 200 from 183, i had not a guild anymore and i was obviously behind all old players after 3 years of afk. i still have to do a lot of "new" dungeons (for me) and farm kamas to make sets to my 3 characters. i have never had a ban or warning for "flame", cheating or hacking and i did not even know that you could dupe items or kamas, cause i'm just back. After this last update i just logged in and found my account banned for 30 days for " suspicious activities" like a lot of others player, i even have an active booster. This is really sad.

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Hello Bloodrose232 and tristepan1002!

I will kindly suggest you to send a ticket to our ankama support here regarding your issue.

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Thanks for your answer Mavis, i sent 2 tickets 3 days ago to your support team and i hope that this week somebody will answer them soon. 

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