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Website and servers are not available in some countries.

By Growlurg - MEMBER - April 24, 2020, 16:03:05
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By the way, a guy who illegally sells kamas is still promoting his site near the Almanax temple on Remington server mute

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Hi BulletStorm,

I'm at the Temple but unfortunately can't find the guy. Can you please share his character name via Ankabox?


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30 of April 20pm Managed to play for an hour whitout VPN. 
Now still on it. T_T

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? why dislike ? I can't login whitout it again!

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Just make reporting kama sellers profitable. Let's say if 2 or more players send ticket about kama selling and logs confirm that - seller gets his ban and players get 1-3 day booster/kama/exp.

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It makes sense.

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Entire RU region is blocked.
Thank you Ankama for killing a community that has been with you from the early beta.

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same for UA region. T_T

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I gave my gears to friend and leaved the game. I'll never came back. I'm over it. Bye.

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so, u guys even not planed to fix it? a whole damn week ( ! ) u keep silent, pretending like doing somethin with this problem, and now u telling us it's even not a problem, it's kinda new anti-bot system...meh. most amazing is to see ur new finisher in news, double exp weekend (lol), when half of rem population is banned by ur ''incredible'' anti-bot. like a spit in face, ppl waiting ur respond, but u are spending time to new shop thingy and totaly paying no attention. i guess right now u'r loosing last ur loyal fanbase, if even me, who loves this game so much, absolutely disapointed in ur actions...idk, rly don't know what more to say, it's damn sad

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I get that bots are a problem. They make the game loose money BUT do you know what makes you loose more money Anakama? Making it so that many of your PAYING players cannot access the game. *shakes head* A week later a get a response on my ticket and they want more information... sleep so I guess I am going to have to wait another week for them to respond again? And perhaps not even play then? Thank you for burning three weeks of my booster. 

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End of the road, I guess.

I don't know what kinda strategy you had for these anti-bot measures, but it's been a huge dumpster fire. 

I never once used a VPN while accessing your game and to be constantly told that VPNs were the cause of IP bans is starting to seem like a lie as days go on and on.

You say to contact support, but in mine and my wife's experience all we've been getting is a run around and we feel like we're doing nothing, but just wasting time.

The way you've been handling this has been an absolute failure and it's pathetic. I've been patient and I've been cool about it and quite frankly, the lack of any good communication has frustrated me to no end. I'm pretty close to the point where I'm not even gonna check in anymore, because the more and more I log into this site, the more angry I become.

I had a booster that's now run out and so has my wife's and there's been no talk of any kind of compensation.

All I can say is, congratulations, you sure got those bots. And by bots I mean tons of innocent players who did absolutely nothing wrong.

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ye this situation sux
adding simple lines to their agreement about banning countries look easier than fixing this, so ggwp

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Honestly, what makes me laugh the most is this:

[Ankama]WAKFU|2020-04-30 11:54:14
In our ongoing effort to ensure a pleasant gaming experience for all our players

Because if their idea of banning bots was "let's set up a block for every user connecting through a VPN" from the beginning, then this outcome was easy to predict.

I am lucky enough to not be part of the banned people, but guess what - the game experience is totally ruined for me as well, instead of being "pleasant" in any way. The people I've always played with are gone, from one minute to the next. With no explanation at all, just lots of piled up frustration and silence from the team. And they can't even check the forum, or send support tickets.

And even when they manage to, it takes at least a week for support to answer (and this could be acceptable, seen the number of tickets), just for them to ask you to repeat things you have already said. Then it's a matter of, idk, more weeks maybe? to wait for another reply. Assuming it will ever even come. Anyone would be terribly frustrated in such a situation and think no one actually cares about solving this issue.

And, in all of this, one of the most well-known bots is just there, in its usual place, doing its usual thing. It's like a smack in the face.

Up to now I've always tried my best to be calm, patient and polite, but like many others I'm starting to be fed up. You can't pretend to be looking into an issue for a week, then say it was actually planned and you are happy with the results, then redirect all of us to a support where people don't even seem to know what issue we're talking about.
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Real ugly, Ankama, real ugly. One thing to stay loyal through all the bugs, glitches and black screens. But to be completely locked out through a blanket ip ban in what appears to be a totally planned effort on your part and you feeling "happy about it", Ankama... Shows about your studio character more than anything before.

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8 days passed. At this point I don't even care what the result will be. Just confirm that you banned the countries already and be done with it.

Your ankama support team doesn't even know what's going on. They claim this to be a ban received due to violating the terms of use.

You outdoored so many people, including me, and make it look like just some minor problem and nothing have ever happened.

It's just revolting, that's all.

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Any patience have an end.
Good bye Wakfu

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Well, if they choose to treat us this way, I can only say they deserve a negative review on Steam. Which I left, even though I rarely do.

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I have to use a friend's account, because my account does not have this game. This is a very sad situation... Fix it soon, many people will be very grateful to you.

Cloudflare Ray ID: 58d27ff39e2b2760

Ticket: #2589055

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@ankama hello?

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Maybe this is a secret plan of developers to reduce the load on the server in order to avoid a repetition of situations with Kelba?

Be that as it may, I still hope that this is just an annoying mistake that will be fixed very soon. After all, Ankama is a company that has been pleasing us with its creations for 18 years, they are not new to the market, so I am sure that they know what they are doing. In addition, Ankama is very attentive to its international community. Right?

Ticket: #2583798
Cloudflare Ray ID: 58ac9994cebfdfef

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I dont understand about what VPNs they talking. They just ban a lot of region and call it a deal. I playing from Russia, i didn't use vpn to play wakfu i got my white static RU IP for 4 years. If you dont understand what is white IP mean, i can start minecraft server for examle on my pc, give this adress to all my friend over the world and we all can play and they can connect to me. And Cloudflare error give you a clean answer what ankama did:
Error 1009
Access denied
What happened?
The owner of this website ( has banned the country or region your IP address is in (RU) from accessing this website.
Your IP: My IP.
The owner banned you region RU from game. I can open terrible true for wakfu devs: russians had RU region IP not because they use VPN they got RU region IP because they from Russia. Omg...

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Revert these changes immediately. If your team can't fix this in a week meanwhile entire regions are blocked you should just revert the changes, its doing more harm then good. I wanted to play Wakfu again after a long time but instead I have to wait weeks of uncertainty. 

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same problem in Shandong province, China and some vpn ip like Taiwan and japan

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