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Website and servers are not available in some countries.

By Growlurg - MEMBER - April 24, 2020, 16:03:05
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Same problem in China.

[Not needed]

Ticket: #2581550

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My ticket #2581696, thank you

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do you take any action to solve the problem? almost 4 days have passed since its appearanceexclexclexcl

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ASN - AS49767 / Czech Republic

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cloudray ıd 58a1ef29fc86e1af     TURKEY

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fix of this issue can be expected in a couple of weeks. the problem with kelba and moon was fixed for several days, although a significant number of players had it. but in this case, the problem is local, so the developers do not have up to this small group of people as i see. proove me wrong

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Several countries are definitely not a small group. There are at least 20 Russian players who can't access the game. China, Czech, Turkey, Ukraine... there are more than 100 players affected, 1/10 of the community.

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Kiroforest|2020-04-26 14:25:03
do you take any action to solve the problem? almost 4 days have passed since its appearanceexclexclexcl

Hi guys,

Kindly give the team ample time as the issue is being checked. Thank you!

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people are just frustrated and desperately want The Team to communicate better. we just want to know what's going on instead of being kept in the dark.
for years now support's responses have felt like "yea we dont really care might look into it one day okay bye". and, understandably, when the issue is so big its affecting a fair chunk of playerbase, the anger and frustration will only grow.
we are not dumb, we get that problemsolving takes time, but hey, some reassurance maybe? some progress updates? thank you in advance.

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Same problem. Russia. 
For some time can acces to game using Vpn through Finland.

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Same here, Russia
also VPN that I use that located in eastern europe also blocked, now I use U.S. VPN...



support ticket including the ASN Number/ Region which is blocked by Cloudflare.

I made support ticket 2 days ago Id #2580727

im from restricted region (by U.S. laws) and I do not know why Ankama start block my region now if Ankama is not U.S. company

this is not Cloudflare problem
main Cloudflare website work same as before, and many other web-sites/network services that use Clouflare also work
only Ankama servers does not.
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About the confusion about Cloudflare,

Cloudflare provides a multitude to services for running and maintaining websites and services including DNS related ones and Content Delivery Network to optimize the delivery of network content like sites to users sitting anywhere around the world.
The issue at hand is related to Firewall configurations of the sites which where

There might be a bit too much to explain but you can read about it in here if you want to:

Now what is happening, I have no insider info about what is going on or what went wrong in this particular situation but, This is what I think happened.

There is a Cloudflare dashboard for those who use the Cloudflare services, and somehow something got listed in the IP access rules section or a wrong firewall configuration somewhere is the reason behind this regional/random countrywide access restriction.

And the same does not mean it is some issue with Cloudflare itself. You can still access Cloudflare and any other site using Cloudflare for the matter. This is an in house issue on the network side of Ankama, which they are trying to resolve if not already solved.

Now flatops said the team is looking at it, So, that is a reassurance.

[Ankama]WAKFU|2020-04-27 09:19:45
Hi PineappleApricot,

We understand your frustration. As you know the issue is about regional restrictions concerning Cloudfare. Our team is working on the issue at the moment so please give our team some time to investigate. Once we have more information we will update you right away.


This is frustrating indeed for everyone. Well, what can we do other than wait?
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Cloudflare Ray ID: 58a81ff0db40d1b3

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ticket #2583001
fix it ankama!

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I'm having the same issue, and I am sure numbers affected are far more than those posting here about it, since the game, the site, the support site and the forums are not accessible without VPN and not everyone know or use VPN. I personally have 4 friends who are affected by the issue and don't use VPN.

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same story, tired of not being able to play for 3 days

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Cloudflare Ray ID: 58ab8e9bb898f13a

Why you never tell us how long it will take to fix the problem.(
So frustrating to check it every day without results.

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Because they don't know how long it take?
Don't be so demanding of forum moderators.
You are on quarantine now, don't you?

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Ticket #2583710

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Ticket: #2583798
Cloudflare Ray ID: 58ac9994cebfdfef

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cloudray ıd 58a1ef29fc86e1af     TURKEY

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same problem 
Ticket: #2584391
Cloudflare Ray ID: 58b157120b7875d4 

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Cant login last 5 hours, even whith vpn.
If you using the Ankama launcher to login, switch it on Steam version + Vpn. It helped me. (   )/
If Steam version + vpn is telling http is not available. Kill the process of ankama launcher and login again. I'm in game now.

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Ok, does anyone know what happened? This situation lasts from friday... 5 days already passed, and nothing has changed

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