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endless loading

By letstryagain#7357 - MEMBER - April 19, 2020, 16:07:56
as several times, if a char enter in HW, HB or step into kelba market it get bugged, makes the player unable to make any actions...
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First Ankama intervention

We are aware of the issue, which seems to be the same issue as the one that was previously encountered. As a result, we are currently in the process of restarting the Remington server.

We will keep you informed of the situation here.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding,

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Me Too. Is Incredible! the same story every weekend ... but as a server do you use an 88 personal computer? congratulations ankama for the work done so far. make you laugh
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I have the same problem, i entered the HW and got bugged so i reloged and the eternal spinner got me :U

Server: Remington
IGN: Noctis Dominus
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yea, bug as usual
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same, loged out from remington. Since this morning im stuck on ''connecting'' when i try to go back in... ohmy
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fix this problem ı cant logın what a game
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every sunday the same story i cant log in
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why always sundays they should restart ı thınk
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I have the same problems. It's impossible to reach kelba via zaap (I don't know if you can go via the ship without problems). Same for the infinite loading screen "connecting..." after I have selected the server.
Moreover, if I can add in this post, charge (yop's spell) still doesn't work properly, I mean that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.
Thank you for your patience and hope you'll solve soon
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Same problem. In remington.
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Same on Remington just now
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Same problems... 
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when ankama stuff look thıs tread to solve the problem? plz answer
we cant logın and booster goes
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Me too! (Remington, last time loggen in Kelba.)
I`m surprised how they`re going to merge servers, when they can`t hold even Remi without regular blackouts on sundays. The day, when their game most needed!
(Not to mention bought premium acc.)
I`m afraid, that`s going to be awful. sleep
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The curse of Sunday Kelba is back
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Same issue, I can't log in.

Besides this, I also have game freezes everyday, the game freezes every few seconds when I'm online no matter what I'm doing.
The game throws me out of the game too regularly (happens once a day at least). Going in and out of my havenbag causes black screens too more often than I care to admit.

How on earth are you going to handle server merges with so many connectivity issues and bugs in game?!
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Same problem here with one of my accounts and the Remington Server. I think I was at Kelba, game froze and now I'm unable to login anymore. Tried to login on other server, no problem.
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plz restart server urgent
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Same problem!! (Again) 

Let's hope they fix it before monday...
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same here. can log in on some accs, not on the main one tho
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