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Can't connect to Remington server

By kuronohell#6488 - MEMBER - April 12, 2020, 11:52:24
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Before you in Ankama you claim to be forgiven by us users (for the problems caused by the update) with a 3-day booster (which I, and many others, haven't been able to redeem), and now also this other problem? I don't accept it, there are two solutions, or you give me back ALL the days of lost boosters, or you can refund them up to the last penny! You say "Thank you for your understanding.", But the truth is that understanding has a limit. If I am not rewarded with a other booster when I return to the game, it means that you are thieves.

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Relax dude they haven given us so many times a free 7-days booster cause of the covid-19 thing but they didn't had to do that. The people in Ankama are human too and not perfect you don't have to call them thieves but at the same time I understand you as well but all we can do is wait and see what happens next.

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very same problem right here, went to Kelba, black screen and now can't login

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Still can't log :s

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Just for the sake of updating, I managed to log in around an hour ago, even if with the same bugs someone listed earlier in this thread (unable to group with heroes/sidekicks, appearing offline in guild, chat not working, and so on). After logging out, though, I've been unable to reconnect again smile

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Based Ankama.

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Based Ankama denying nerds their gametime

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Cannot login bro

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Same problem for me.
On my account I'm stuck on "Connecting..." when trying to login to Remington. I have no problem with the 2 French server though.
On another account I have no problem login in to Remington.
I have 2 friends that have no problem login in to Remington.

After further testing, I asked one of my friend to go to Kelba and he had a black screen, he is now stuck on the "Connecting..." screen too. From the console logs, it appears to be problem with the secured link between client and server... an expired tls certificate ?

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bro, you baited your friend xD

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Any update ?

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No ... Same :/

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I was stuck at kelba and now I've been teleported to temple of scriptures. Just don't try to go to moon or kelba again until Ankama fix the issue

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I've been able to login again and i tried as sacrificial sheep to go there to see if problem was solved... aaand... i'm stuck again ahaha

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this game is the only thing for enjoying my life for now... any information please? when i can be happy again?? same issue, soo many people...  just say "we find the problem, just wait till **** " or another . just say something please!

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these claims are ridiculous.. to say that this game is the only joy of your life is truly offensive to life itself.

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Same, infinite connecting, both steam and standalone. Got black screen when teleporting to the pirate island, can't connect for about an hour.

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Logged out previous day in Kelba... can't login with any characters sad I hope it doesn't hurt out characters in some way...

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I somehow managed to reconnect but had to leave again, though it happened to me after disconnectung in the astrub fields, which apparently ain't safe either. Back to watching things speen...

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Was able to reconnect, I tried to invite my other characters but didn't work. Thought They might be stuck somewhere in the serv and that I have to log with them, and the infinite loading to the server is back again....

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Gimme five dude, Same

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idk but the same issue happened with me and my friend 
i was at astrub and he was at bonta so i dont think its related to just kelba and moon ohmy

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Yeah I can't get in either. But the weird thing is my friend can get in just fine but I can't QmQ


kingdiamond721|2020-04-12 19:23:01
Moderated comment.

Yoooo dude chill tf!? I know its aggregating but no need to go out and curse the creators QmQ
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Yughz|2020-04-12 19:55:51
these claims are ridiculous.. to say that this game is the only joy of your life is truly offensive to life itself.

bruh... can you enjoy your life with this international lockdown? 2020 is start with eartquakes, exloding volcanos and now corona?? life is more hard now... sooo i think i can say that "FOR NOW". anyway, the only problem here is that loading screen issue xd   <3
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meant to respond here

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I'am bruh sound effect 3 rn.  cant w8    wakfoo to work again bruh ! im so on my fire     sadida cant w8 to play it  !!! my mother said to w8 so i w8  god speed to all you vulnerable sirs 

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so true bruh

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same here bro

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