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Can't connect to Remington server

By kuronohell#6488 - MEMBER - April 12, 2020, 11:52:24
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same cannot login..

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same problem here

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One day after hotfix problems like this, Ankamas devs are joke.

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same problem. also my main was in kelba too

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It is very sad, that this problem occurred on a holiday. Even more because many people have to spend their holidays alone and can not visit their family because of the current situation.

Of course, technical supporters need their holidays too. I appreciate all your efforts and I acknowledge, that the last days must have been very rough (because of the scheduled server merge and stuff). I can totally understand when it's not possible to fix this problem right now. It would be very nice though, if there'd be an official announcement about the issue and (if possible) a rough estimation about the time to fix it. I'm sure that most people will understand if you have to tell us that it's not possible to fix the issue during the holidays. At least, we wouldn't have to keep trying then.


It seems as though only characters that been to kelba are affected. I also went to kelba and seen the black screen. I tried to get out by using the teleport of scriptures but it didn't help.

I've noticed that other mmo games sometimes provide a feature that allows you to kill and respawn your own character. Maybe a service like that would be worth to consider for Wakfu as well. If it were available from the game menu, people might have been able to get out of kelba and respawn at their last phoenix (depending on the nature of the issue). If it even were available from the homepage, it might even help people who are locked out from the server... but that's just speculation.

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still can't log in

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You guys in kelba or moon by any chance?

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while teleporting to Kelba

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6 hours later, a simple message on twitter or servers status to inform about the bug, the area, and the time necessary to fix would be really appreciable.
Especially if we consider I've spend more time trying to connect than play these days.

NB : Give a free booster pack of X days to compensate problem is still justified ... but limit code activation at 1 or 2 days generate some questions about you real intention.

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They are not giving us an estimate probably because they don’t have one.

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I was just able to log in again! Thanks a lot!!! I've restarted at the zaap from where I was trying to get to Kelba.

Maybe I'd better avoid Kelba and Moon until further notice.

Still facing a few minor issues: It seems that I can trade, but I can neither invite other people to join my group, nor can they invite me. To me it looks as if i were the only guild member online and to guild members I don't appear in guild window as well. I am visible in game though. Chat is also working normally except guild chat. 

I'm totally glad that I was able to log in again though. Keep up the good work!

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are your heroes okay? can you add them to your party ? 

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saaame is happening to me. I left all 3 of my characters in kelba... seems like im never leaving them in kelba again...

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Hello everyone,

I know this is frustrating for all, but the team has been notified about the issue.

Since this is a holiday and due to the nature of things going around.
It might take some time to reach back and respond.

There will be update about the situation on the forum and twitter.

Thank you for your understanding.

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we pay to play, if we can't play why pay?
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Just for information: it happened to me while teleporting to Reef, the same as previous posts

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: '(

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Many issues, but many compensations these days. I'm sure Ankama will handle this properly smile

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yes compensation are good but i mean in the last 3-4 days cause of long update or bugs i almost didn't play

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Cant connect to server too. Just Happened.

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Bugs and technical problems can be in games. They give (and gave) some apology gifts. It's ok for me. 

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well yes i thought it was just me but yeah i cant log in with my account at all 

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In my case,
zaap to Kelba -> black out -> manually reboot -> endless spinning

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