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Srambad Main Quest Bugged (Unsolveable)

By Athanaox - MEMBER - March 26, 2020, 11:10:41

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Character name: Sharson / Joany
Date and time: 26.03.2020 10:45
Map: Srambad / Enurado Embassy
Server: Remington

Bug description:
I tried to solve the quest to kill the embassador - I totally messed it up, because I had a 3man Team, from which one already solved the quest. It ended up in a way that I got the poison with the character that already solved the quest so he could apply the poison to the drink but he could not toast with the embassor to kill him. Now I tryed it again but it seems completly bugged. I can not click the guard anymore to get the key but the kitchen stays locked. I tried different approach (only character who solved it already, single character, restart client). Is there any possibility to reset this quest?

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I was doing the same a few hours ago, and I'm stuck on the same part as well with heroes on the team.

I got the poison from the kitchen, but can't go to the room on the side nor kitchen any more and can't progress in the quest now as well.

Worked out, was able to enter the kitchen again and do the kitchen quest properly.
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after some hours past now it still seems broken (can not click the guard to steal key, neither it is possible to enter the kitchen.) Did you do anything or it just changed out of nowhere?

also this is a really shitty situation - cause there is no possibility to continue Mount Zinit Quest while this Quest is still broken. biggrin

worked out. actually you have to trigger two points to steal from the guard (spamtalk to the 3 group guest and spamtalk to the guard)

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Was stuck there as well, What I did was to spam talk with the guests, also chad and pandora till they talked about something which made the character to react. I was thus able to do the key stealing mission and finish the quest. ^^ Give it a try, hopefully it might help you finish the same as well. huh

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