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Disobedience bug

By JacksFirst - MEMBER - January 26, 2020, 07:46:32

while farming in the singing fields in amakna the ecosystem showed that the crops need to be between 250-350 crops. well twice today it has been at 350 crops but i get -10 citizenship points when cutting down my crops? whats going on? ive been an outlaw twice today and its incredibly frustrating because i cant access my haven bag!

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I use the environment window to check the current loaded zone. Sometimes you just need to wait a minute and make sure its current, or even reload the game. I find some zones are just awful no matter what  like some of the mine zones, but just keep an eye out if it keeps happening.

And if you're paying attention, you can just undo the citizenship point loss by doing the reverse action of what lost you the points ie plant a tree instead of cutting it down.

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Be sure that:

  1. You are not planting more of those when they are above the upper mark.
  2. You are not cutting resources that are marked as protected specie (shield icon).
  3. There is not someone else in the surrounding areas planting or cutting when the marks are close to their limits.
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And most especially - DO NOT GROUP WITH HEROES while you are harvesting or planting!!

The game has a long standing bug in which it gets confused as to which "area"s ecology limits to apply, when you have heroes grouped!      Even without heroes grouped, there is frequently a huge LAG between what you see in a "W" (ecology report) and the REAL current crop numbers.

Using a drago-turkey or a Zaap while having heroes grouped can leave the game in a state where the ecology limits in effect are "oscillating" between the area you WERE in  before the teleport and the NEW area after the teleport.   Your "heroes" may even appear on the map in the OLD area!    You can sometimes see the oscillations occurring if you pull up the "W" (ecology) report multiple times.

Harvesting or planting while teamed with heroes is like playing Russian Roulette with three barrels loaded!   tongue    Your chances of getting outlaw'ed go waaaay up.

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Governments can make some resources and monster protected. Harvesting or killing them can decrease your points even if it is within range, check your nation laws 

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