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Crafting breaks down Materials into Shards?

By Haevery0 - MEMBER - December 07, 2019, 22:20:49

I recently provided all necessary materials to my guildmate to make a Rare Gwand Viziew Amulet into a Mythic one. The gamelog says the recipe was successful but all materials and the Rare version of the item were broken down and converted into Shards.

On another note, I may be missing something but whenever I've attempted to break down an item that already has enchantments it says I must first remove all shards for the enchantments from the item first. The issue is that there is nowhere in the enchantment machine window to do so.

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I don't think your first issue was intended to happen. And if you gave the resources to your friend to craft for you and they crafted it. It might be some misclick from their side which reduced those items into shards, You can use Secure craft options now a days by which you can use some one else's hb to craft items you want using the other person's profession level and blueprints.

To take those shards out you just have to select the item in the enchantment table and click on the - button where you add the shards in. you can then confirm it and the shards will be removed from the gear and put into your inventory. The same procedure as adding in shards, just use the - Button instead of the +.

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There are Enchantment Station can be found in Astrub and 4 main city. 

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