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White Log-in Screen

By Szatx - MEMBER - November 07, 2019, 02:08:13

I have been on break for a while and my son wishes to play Wakfu again, after everything was updated when i log on to server select screen everything is white, i can hear sounds and i can see the cursor. I can even interact and log on but even then the screen is either all white or black, now admittedly the computer is a little old, its an Allinone system, I tryed and there are no driver updates, Java is up to date and everything else seems to work just fine.  Any help/advice would be great.

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This worked before, but it doesn't work with Ankama Launcher, Wakfu is completely white for me again

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All-in-one computers typically are 'business' class machines with no separate graphics chip, these usually rely on the "integrated graphics" built into the processor.   Once the processor chip is more than about 3-4 years old... they become like a red-headed-orphan-stepchild, and their manufacturers stop providing device-driver support updates.    For its part, Microsoft Windows supports these "orphans" with  a generic device-driver which does NOT meet the minimum requirements for Wakfu's Java code.   fear

There are several possible ways out of this bind:

a) if you are a bit of a hacker, you should read THIS thread by INTIMID4T0R in its entirety.   It may or may not work for you however.  ohmy

b) Another dodge is to run Linux on the old All-in-one... as the Java support available for Linux is usually quite happy with the graphics driver built into the Linux kernel.  ph34r

c) Lastly, but the most expensive route - retire that old lame dinosaur!  laugh
** Interesting side note: while I was typing this, had my Google Home speaker playing some random music on Pandora... what do you suppose it played?    >>> The main theme from Jurassic Park !!   tongue

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