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[MacOS] DONE! I am able to play Wakfu again after the process to upgrade to Catalina (MacOS 10.15.0) messed it up!

By rhayam - MEMBER - October 22, 2019, 10:01:46

Shhhess! At last!

After researching past solutions to similar problems with Java and Wakfu, at the end I had to start from zero!

I looked for all the references (files/directories) of Wakfu (especially the directory "zaap") and Java and got rid of them, including Steam to remove all reference in it. 

Then I check in the Terminal that no reference to Java would be available to run.

After that I moved to download and install:

Such that it would install Wakfu when I open the Ankama Launcher.
That way I was sure there were no weird cache still affecting it.
After that when I pressed play, it show a message that there was no JDK available, that also was good, meaning it was not getting any Java reference after I removed it.

(2) jdk-8u231-macosx-x64.dmg from and installed it.

FOR THE FIRST TIME since I upgraded to Catalina (MacOS 10.15.0) I was able to play Wakfu again!

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So it was about the java version. I had installed the latest version of java, which doesn't work. It wasn't easy to install java 8(it asks you to login) but it worked with java 8. On Linux, I would choose to install game with java that Ankama provides (you can choose in launcher settings, doesn't exist on Ankama Launcher I guess but steam version) and that would make the game playable. That option does not exist on macOS. I guess it should though, getting java 8 not so easy.

However it works without any issue on Windows (not so surprisingly)

So thank you for the solution!

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