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Can't proceed any further through "The Voyager - Chapter 3" quest line anymore

By IHatMyLifBecaseSomonTokMyAcnt - MEMBER - October 20, 2019, 19:00:29

I got to "Against the Clock" quest, headed to the time rift, and then couldn't go through. Now the time rift is bugged, preventing me from entering. The quest is said to be completed, however, I'm not provided with any new quest if I zaap to the present xelorium.

Character Name: Soib

Date & Time: A few months ago (But it is still bugged)

Map: Xelorium - Past  (Entrance to the Time Rift Room)

Server: Nox


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the continuation quest from past to present has a lv requirement can't remember wich but the general idea was to grind few lvs before proceeding to present xelorium.

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Is level 158 not enough? Is it 160 or something? If so, that makes sense, thanks.

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