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Account hacked.

By sairduran - MEMBER - October 10, 2019, 10:33:15

I have been playing this game since beta and never got any problem like this before but a couple of days my acc got hacked and all the loot items and kamas of my 3 high level characters got sweeped aaand dont really know what to do.. i have ankama shield and all so <_

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You can check on the accounts section to see if any other IP from different places have accessed your account. And Since you have Authenticator enabled as well.
I don't really see how you could have got 'hacked'.

  • Do you share your account with any one else?
  • If that is the case in any way then, It's not 'hacking'

Do check the logged IP's if you only plays on the account alone,
Do send a report to the support team for further actions into this.
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Already check and in fact there is an unknown location from mexico lol ...  and no never shared my acc sad  

pd . ty for the fast reply

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