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Ankama Authenticator Deactivation page is not working

By Bluhen - MEMBER - October 09, 2019, 23:22:35

Hi everyone.

The issue is that I changed my phone and I don't have the recovery code from the App, so when I try to log-in into my other account Wakfu asks me for the number that is generated on the App. (to which I do not have access because I changed my phone and lost the code)

I know there is a way to remove the Authenticator via SMS but the page is down and has been like that for a long time now as you can see on the image below:

Is there other way I can deactivate the Ankama Authenticator so I can recover the access to my account? If not, I would kindly ask the staff to please fix the page so I can do it manually.

Thanks for reading!
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if you do have the old phone with the app still installed you can deactivate the authtenticator there without the code just click delink the account button 

also there is 2 other ways. if you have steam linked you can log to game via it and continue as usual bit annoying i know. The last option is to contact ankama customer support they can remove it there too 


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