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Infinity Connection Remington

By Caleil - MEMBER - September 08, 2019, 00:50:11
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Score : 868

have they restarted the server yet?

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Score : 534

nah ;_;

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Score : 68

Same by me + my Group list is invisible and i cant kick or invate my sidekicks

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Score : 237

Its weird because you can login sometimes and if you logout then you cannot login again for hours. its not server related, one friend can login and logout without any problem, my best guess, its account related

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Hello everyone,

Remington server will undergo an exceptional maintenance today starting at 10:30 AM (Paris time). More info can be read here.


Score : 118

3 days for fix it

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Score : 2

Hey, maybe I solve this problem, for me. I have uninstalled all the archives of wakfu, and reinstall everything again. Until now it's working properly

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Score : 35

Will there be a refund of god booster?

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