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Kama bot

By MiseryDa - MEMBER - August 09, 2019, 01:33:19

Would a moderator please remove this bot from the Nox server.

Account Name: tfghuerher
Character Name: Femewef

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First Ankama intervention

Hi guys,

Thank you for the reports, we will check.


See message in context
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theres in remi as well it gets banned everytime and recreated  apparently the anti spam system in the chat isnt realy working just add space between msgs or add a letter at the end and it will be considered a different msg from last one and dont get affected with anti spam 

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Don't delete him. Then I will have to see another spam message and ignore him again when he makes another character.

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Then the old shout item should be brought back. If I remember right long time ago you had to get a item to use trade or recruit chat. I could be thinking of another game though. laugh

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These guys are everywhere in every server.. Banning them don't solve the issue, they will just make a new account and resume their "botty-business".. The only way I see to cure this disease is to strike the actual website that sells that shet but Ankama has no way to legally do that so..

(That's the reason why Conversion Stones became a thing in the first place)

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i mean since conversion stones are cheaper then what they are selling, I hope they go out of buisness

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Thanks for the report, one of the ingame moderators will mute it soon.

Have a nice day. huh

Hi guys,

Thank you for the reports, we will check.