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2560x1440 Resolution Issue

By Ferhad - MEMBER - May 17, 2019, 19:06:23

Hello everybody,

i have a issue with my Resolution when i Set it to 2560x1440.
Ive read already that there are enough People around with the same Problem.
On some Posts i saw a Solution where i go to the Wakfu.exe Properties and select the DPI Scale thing i tried that also and it didnt helped or fixed my issue.
So now i am trying to find help here on the Forums because i dont get a answer anywhere else, i even tried to PM a Administrator but no reply.
Like when i play it in a Windowed Mode and i drag myself the Screen the Screen is nice and Sharp.
When i go like Full Screen Windowed the Texts are blurry and there some strange Lines in the Menus or when you talk to NPCs.
Or i pick 1920x1440 the Screen is here Sharp and clear too but i have big 2 Black Bars on each side and that is annoying.

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I feel you.

I have the same issue on my 4K screen and sent a ticket to Ankama Support about it.
They said Wakfu is not compatible with 4K screen yet but they might solve it later.
So this issue is recognized and its state is intended as of now. Sigh

Wakfu seems like to stretch the original "sharp" graphics to fit the window/fullscreen when the vertical resolution is above 1080px. That's probably why regardless it's 2560x1440 or 4K we have the same blurry images.

My screen happens to have a super-resolution processing to sharpen everything on the screen which helps a bit in this case. It over-sharpens other games and gives false colors, so we definately need Ankama to fix this issue.

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i hope they'll do  something honestly.
i Like to play on Fullscreen or Windowed Fullscreen.

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Is there any update from ankama?

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>They said Wakfu is not compatible with 4K screen yet but they might solve it later.

Panels and fonts are pixelart bitmaps and it is not possible to scale them seamlessly without blurriness.
Yet ankama added that feature.

It would be better if they added an option in configuration:
- do not adapt panels to resolution
- scale proportionally (current behaviour)
- scale 2x

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Do you have any news since then?

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i just logged in after a long Time and its still the same with the Resolution... its like they dont care at all

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