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Ankama Launcher heavily polling the network even when idle / minimized??

By Kwai-no-kami - MEMBER - May 16, 2019, 10:00:38

I've noticed that the "Ankama Launcher" seems to maintain a high rate of network activity even when it is merely minimized to the taskbar with no game client running.

I am not talking just an occasional "ping" either... a steady 50+ kbps of data both upstream and downstream... this is ridiculous for a supposedly "idle" background task.   

Looking at the traffic, it appears the "Ankama Launcher" is continually polling some "Cloudflare" and "Apple" servers on ports 443 and 80. 

WHY all this polling when there is not a game running??   Only Ankama knows.

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i can agree that my connection keep droping.maybe about game syncronizing all our action with server a lot?

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