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Libpng12 for linux

By Topru123 - MEMBER - October 09, 2018, 19:38:01

Hello, i have problems on linux oc. There is no more libpng12 in ubuntu 16 and newer versions. Using packages from older distributions can be dangerous. Is there any chance to get update for package soon?

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I think libpng12 is a very low priority issue for the devs and I don't expect the move to libpng16 anytime soon.

While it's true that packages from older distributions can be potentially dangerous, but I have libpng12 installed on ubuntu18 without any issues. also, I can't be 100% sure, but libpng12 is available on ubuntu16, it's only on ubuntu17 and ubuntu18 that it was deprecated.

I recommend compiling from source to avoid any risk on apt.

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