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Map marker keeps dissapearing (template report)

By -Echidna- - MEMBER - August 10, 2018, 16:19:10

Hi there, i've been having some issues lately with the map icons, more specifically the personal notes. i use them to mark the map for fishing and mining nodes and it works fine some times ago. However now,  whenever i left the game/ left the area/ get into combat/ entering haven bag, all the markers i have are gone. is there any solution for this problem?

Character name: Echidna Echi
Date and time: 10/08/2018  22:21  GMT+8
Map: Every map
Server: Remington

Bug description: map marker/ personal note keeps dissapearing
Reproducibility process: leaving the game/ leaving the area/ getting into combat/ entering haven bag

Screenshots: provided below for relevance
Game logs: tried doing the method provided via pastebin, but it doesnt allow me as it exceed 512kb and i'll have to buy their service for this which i'd rather not.

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I have the same problem :T

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Same problem for me too ,Dunno when exactly it started but  i noticed this during the last double xp event 

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Other user with same issue i found in the bug report forum


here is the link to that post

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I thought that was a 'Feature' since all of the notes i put up on the map gets wiped out in the same manner. Almost every time, Seems like the feature is an annoying bug.
Can confirm this issue with 100% reproducibility.

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No response at all? Really? On this thread or the other?

Bang up job you're doing, Ankama.

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