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In-Game Latency and Lag: Regardless of Connection Speed/PC Build

By Tulish - MEMBER - June 23, 2018, 04:35:17
Recently the lag has been far worse.
I read Sabi's post regarding latency and how possible causes could be Internet/PC Build/Proxy so I could be wrong or not.

         I tested out the client/game on two different computer builds and two different connections.
  1. The first test was on a laptop running an Intel Core i5 and enough RAM/Video resources to support the basic necessities of Wafku. This test was run using a 50MB Internet connection so it should have been enough to run Wakfu, unless it needs a superior speed or PC specs.
  2. The second test was on an iMac with an Intel Core i7 Processor, Nvidia 4GB Video Card, 16GB of RAM. It was connected using a fiber optic cable that downloads at 1GB/second. These specs and internet speeds are far superior to the previous test.

Both test resulted in the same lag issue in-game which begs to question what the real problem is. There is a consistent jump/skip when fighting monsters or running dungeons or when executing spells. The issue is worse when you multi-client. On the second client it literally plays out the animations with about 3-5 second delays.

Has anyone else had similar issue?
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Servers being overloaded due to the Boss Smasher? At least, it seems to go worse than usual during these days.

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Possible relation to the RAM being stacked with Data from the Game?

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