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Randomly disconnect one of my 4 accounts mostly when i'm in "closed maps"

By - MEMBER - March 21, 2018, 21:09:18

Hello there, i wrote this fact to ankama support but after 3 days with no answer  (and i totally need a fix for that) i choose to ask if some player had the same bug.

I play 4 box (multi account) and many times when i'm in closed maps like dungeons or quest places like Temple of doom, the server pick one of the 4 accounts randomly an disconnect it, with no message, so no inactivity or anything. this is frustrating cause i have to exit and restart whatever i'm doing, dungeons or quests, and totally ruin my game experience.

Before you ask my connection is stable and i tryed from 2 different houses with 2 different ISP so is not connection problem, but is server issue.

So, anybody encountered my same problem and can help me to fix this, please?

Thanks in advance for your answers guys, i hope someone can help me

Edit: P.s. I play on Remington

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Happens to me all the time too.

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This is happening to me!! Need a solution, this is ruining my game experience too, and happens all the time

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