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Why won't it recognize my mobile phone number as a mobile phone number?

By Toolio - MEMBER - December 06, 2017, 22:39:21

I am trying to get the increased security associated with the Ankama Authenticator.  But in order to enable it, I need to put my cell phone number in my account profile.  But when I do, I get an error message telling me that it will not accept it because it does not recognize the number as belonging to a cell phone.


Can someone please look into this?  

I would submit a help request, but that would require me to send a copy of my ID.  It will be a cold day in hell before I'm going to send a copy of my ID to any electronic business!

But whether I submit a ticket or not, the problem is still there.  Why does it not recognize a mobile number as a mobile number?

-----   and yes, I've tried every permutation of punctuation, spaces and international calling codes I could think of.-----

First Ankama intervention

Hi Toolio,

Thanks for the notice, the issue has been forwarded to Support for checking.

See message in context
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Im near to you man...

last week ankama banned my account and to rescue it back they asked me an high quality copy of my ID...

RIP Account


Hi Toolio,

Thanks for the notice, the issue has been forwarded to Support for checking.

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This may help:"In most countries in the world, mobile phones are either given designed mobile phone codes to allow them to be easily identifiable, or are assigned a specific range of numbers for the same purpose. The largest exception to this system occurs within the countries that are part of the North America Numbering Plan, specifically the United States, Canada and some Caribbean countries. In these countries, mobile phones are assigned to a geographic area code that may end up being very far away from where the phone is principally used. Although the Federal Communications Commission is considering a proposal to allow VoIP calls to have their own area code, there is no viable proposal yet to give mobile phones an overlay area code.What this means is that people who want to know whether a given phone number belongs to a landline or mobile phone must use a secondary service online to determine the source of a phone number. Phone Validator is one of the services that provides this information, and many others are found by entering "reverse phone lookup" in a search engine. While many of these services require a fee to deliver information regarding who a number belongs to, most disclose whether a number is a landline or mobile phone for free."

Edit:  By the way, the issue was resolved a few days after this last post.  If you did anything, thank you.  If not, thank's at least for looking into it.

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