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Cannot connect to Nox due to account in use error

By backstabbingoutlaw - MEMBER - November 30, 2017, 16:23:27

On Monday, my character was idle and was disconnected due to inactivity. When I tried to reconnect, I received the following error message:

error: Account in use

I have been unable to reconnect to Nox with that account since, but I am able to connect to Remington. Is anyone else experiencing this issue on Nox?

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Yeah i have the same problem, i reinstalled the game, checked my router, everything. to no avail

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If you disconnect due to a wifi issue, your game will not undergo a proper disconnect
As has happened with myself, if you log in after a wifi mishap, it will give you the error of "account in use"
However if you try to log in again it should work smoothly
If after trying this you are unable to log in, contact support as it is possible someone else is using your account, or simply a rather large bug is present

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