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Logging into Nox

By Aphenae48 - MEMBER - October 08, 2017, 01:18:42

I am very frustrated with Wakfu today. At around 1pm CST I logged off to go eat. Approximately one hour later I began to try and log onto my account on Nox (this is important). As of the writing of this thread, it is 6pm (4 hours later) and I am still unable to get into Nox. I however am able to make a character in Remington and begin the tutorial. I have not had any adventures in the server before and am in earnest to get into Nox.

Please help!

edit: I can log in again yeeee!!

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Same issue here with Nox this am. Have tried restart, logging in multiple times but screen just stays at clock-loading and never logs to display characters. Please help!!!

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