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Unable to Create New Troupe on Remmington Server

By Azurnia - MEMBER - August 29, 2017, 08:25:37
Character name:  All of my characters on Remington, none of them can do it.

Date and time:  All the time, non stop.

Map: Everywhere.

Server: Remington, I have full access to troupe and sidekick/hero system on any other server.

Bug description: As I have in the title, I am completely unable to form a troupe in the Remington server, and only that server. This happened right after I ponied up and bought a booster specifically to use the hero system as opposed to the sidekick system I did in Nox, and set up shop and bought costumes for my new characters in Remington. All the portraits in the group ui are greyed out with the standard 'Not in a troupe' message for the heros, but I get a 'No error' text over the sidekicks instead.

Reproducibility process:  I honestly don't know how it can be reproduced, it seems to be an account locked error specifically to me, as there is no other forums with the same issue. It only started up after I bought the 30 day hero booster, but I had not had any characters on Remington to play until that point, and as I stated I can still use the system on any other server but Remington.


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