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Haven World bug: non-clickable decorations and fences

By Wolfiur#2308 - MEMBER - October 20, 2016, 20:08:01

Hello, with my guild we decided couple days ago to redecorate our haven world, yet there seems to be some problem.. We know Haven worlds are sometimes fragile, so only one person at time did changes (like buying new stuff or moveing), yet, there were some mostly random parts that can't be clicked in editing screen by no one. This include some fences, decorations or even phoenix. This really slows down our works on haven world redecoration. Is there any way to do something about those non clickable stuff?

Seems theres no solution to this :/

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I'm having the same bug right now. I can't move Phoenix and some walls. Can't click, can't anything.

Click here

Please, give us a solution.


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yup. very annoying. some fences and the pheonix are no longer interactable. They cannot be moved or destroyed at all. haven world editor is bugged sad 

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