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270 Days and still no fix for Osamodas's losing their summons with the heros system

By Eziekieal#2183 - MEMBER - June 21, 2016, 22:54:34
There is a bug where using an Osamodas with the heroes system causes the Osamodas to lose all of their summons after relogging. You have to go recatch everything. Every time. This is ridiculous.

I've reported this issue multiple times. Other players have reported this issue.

I even tried opening a ticket and reporting the issue directly there.

Still no fix.

Still not even a word from the team that the issue is acknowledged.

Myself and plenty of my friends haven't been able to play Wakfu for 9 months now because of this BS.

Click here

Click here

Click here

Click here

This isn't even everything. Just the few I found from skimming the bug reports.

I've lost all my subscriber time and all the heroes time I've bought because of this bug. I can't use my main with heroes. I know others have lost tons of ogrines because of this issue as well.

This needs to be fixed.
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