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[Guide] How to link client downloaded game to steam/Ankama Launcher

By iNTiMiD4T0R - MEMBER - January 15, 2016, 17:49:19

Directly going into the matter,
Did you downloaded the game via downloading the client directly from the wakfu website? and wanted to link the game to your steam client/Ankama Launcher without re downloading the game all together via steam/AL ? Well you can now do that without any issues and link your ankama account to wakfu without all the trouble and use the client, steam and ankama launcher all alongside each other. Follow along and you are set to go.

Required tools.
1. Steam client / Ankama Launcher
2. Wakfu
3. Multi commander (A file explorer tool.)

1. You already have wakfu installed via any of the clients.
2. You want to link your wakfu game to steam / Launcher
3. Still want to use the normal client and access the game when steam give you issues. biggrin
4. Don't want to download the game multiple times.

Process :
(Note : If you already have the game downloaded via client to your system, reverse the same if you have did the download via steam.)

1. Download Wakfu from steam and wait until the launcher finishes downloading.
2. Once the process completes launch the same and it will bring up the updater.
3. Click on the gear icon on top then --> Actions --> open game folder.
4. Take the game folder path and open in multi commander.
5. Remove the "game" and "transition" folders from the steam folder.
6. Select the "game" and "transition" folders from the client side and create symbolic links to the steam folder.
7. Click on create link and there it goes.
8. Open up the steam client and run the game again. This time it wont download the game and you can start playing the game with your steam client and when not required you can open up the same using the normal client!
(best of both worlds. smile

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Thanks a lot <3

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I know this is old, my apologies if I'm necroing, but is there a method to do this with the version of Wakfu installed from Ankama Launcher?

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It works for ankama launcher version as well. The principle is the same but the folder structure is different. You can get an idea on how to or which folders to link to by checking this thread :
Mainly these folders needs to be linked after checking the launcher base. 

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Thanks a ton. It really works smile

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