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Compensation for Phaeris

By Xephyrina - MEMBER - October 24, 2015, 23:28:59
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I think I may have found out what causes the endless log in issues, was using my Hero party todo a few dungeons, anyway once I had done what I had to, i left the party, later on I had a quick prac duel with my alt account to test some skills, when the prac duel started, even though I had left the party and shouldnt have had any Heros join the fight, sure enough my heros joined the fight, not even 10 seconds later after finishing the prac duel, I went to quickly relog, and sure enough endless login had got me

verdict: have a quick prac duel, if your heros join the fight but you should be alone with no party, DON'T RELOG, it might be a sign your about to get endless login

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Your heroes being stuck logged on has been an issue from the beginning. While they're trying to sort out the code so they do Heroes logouts properly, might be good if in the meantime they give you the ability to force all your characters to quit from the server (Though you clicking Logout or Quit should actually do just that...).

You'd think the double client (account in use) loggin would force this, but for some reason it doesn't and we're stuck waiting for some kind of 2 hour timeout.

Funny cause last night my connection was dropping out and it actually saved me. A bad disconnect from the server actually made my alts who were listed as (stuck) online also disconnect which really doesn't seem like it should have happened...

So has anyone had a chance to see if things are working after the hotfix? Can't play until later today but I'm wondering what other folk's experiences have been.

Though maybe the server came up too late at night and everyone's been asleep tongue 

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It's been more than a month now... and still nothing !

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We are in 2016... and still nothing !

My ticket is still open # 1481606

I didn't get compensation for the 2 weeks of booster/heroes time I lost, and because of delay they promised another compensation which I didn't get either... (on 2 accounts)

It's been like 3 months wtf... I find that very disrespectful of the player base here on Phaeris.

EDIT : moreover we lost time again last week because the server was unavailable, plus we missed hours of the free exp weekend and you didn't care enough about us to extend it to Monday !

EDIT 2 : we are far from that "letter to the krosmoz community" communication/transparency promise sleep

EDIT 3: When people send a ticket to have compensation... they want compensation, they don't want to play beta testers and send logs for months! I just feel like you guys stole my money now !

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